Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to most frequently asked questions. If you cant find answer to your question in the session, you should contact us by using the contact us page and send us your question.

We provide a trade copier service which allows you to copy our trade onto your own trading account and make money along side with us without you doing anything from your end. All you just have to do is open an account with a forex broker and fund your account and connect your account to our account.

No we do not provide our service for free because the software we make use of does not come cheap. But to allow you also benefit from our trade we charge just a small one time fee.

No if you use our partner broker, then you do not need to run a VPS. All you have to do is just attach your account to our account. Instruction on how to do this is found in the subscription page.

No you dont have to be a professional trader, infact if you have not traded in the forex market before there is no problem, all you need to know is how to make deposit and withdrawal from your forex account.

Yes you can as you have full control over your account.

We advice you should not close your trade by yourself expecially when its in profit. from our experience traders are fast to take little profit and take large losses. So we advice you let us do the trading for you. And also dont be tempted to place trade on the same account as this is not a good practice.